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Do you know a PWA but it is not yours? Nevertheless you can submit the PWA.

What does the PWA need?

  • Manifest file
  • maskable icon
  • (Working!) Service Worker

Check out the Develop page for more information.

New submit

Make sure that a 512x512 (.png, .jpeg or .webp) icon is in the manifest (128, 144 and 192 works as well, but is not recommended).




  • Icon and screenshots will be converted to .webp and then saved to our server.
  • Submitted apps must currently be manually published (by us) to the public database.
  • If you have troubles with submitting a PWA, please send us an e-mail.
  • If you want changes or want to delete your app, please send us an e-mail.


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If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We do not bite 😸.

Additional Help

How to take screenshots for findPWA with Google Chrome

  • Go to the website you want to submit.
  • Go to the developer console (F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I).
  • Click on the devices symbol ("Toggle device toolbar") in the upper left corner of the console.
  • Search for a select box with different device names.
  • Choose "Pixel 2 XL"
  • (Don't get irritated by the 'resolution 411x823' its only the ratio)
  • Click on the menu (three dots) of the device toolbar.
  • Click on "Capture screenshot".
  • Then navigate to the other pages you want to screenshot and screenshot them like this.
  • Then go to your file explorer and navigate to the download folder (where the screenshots are)
  • Name them like s_0.png, s_1.png, s_2.png.
  • Then you can select the files in the submit form.

For advanced: For us is important that

  • the images are saved as .png,
  • have the resolution of 1439x2881px,
  • are not transparent,
  • show how to use the PWA with examples,
  • are sorted in a logical order e.g. 0. start page, 1. search page, 2. map page, etc.
    (look at other app screenshots on findPWA, Google Play or Appstore)
  • and the filename increments +1 e.g. s_0.png, s_1.png, s_2.png.
  • The screenshots may be edited for e.g. a slideshow like on Google Play/Appstore or to show functionalities.

Forbid findPWA to scan your PWA for submitting

The bot or useragent to scan your PWA is called 'PWAbot'. If you put the name in your robots.txt, you are save from being submitted to findPWA.